Rules and Regulations

  1. Mobile phones are strictly prohibited with the college and Hospital premises.
  2. Students shall cooperate in keeping hostel and surrounding clean. Room must be kept neat and clean every day.
  3. Students going away from the hostel on vacation must return to hostel on previous evening of last by vacation and must report to the warden.
  4. Students when going out of station for field work inform warden in writing and sign the outgoing book.
  5. No jewellery will be worn except small ear tops/stud, wristwatch during the clinical posting.
  6. Only authorized visitors relatives from the parents can visit the students.
  7. o visitor, including females are allowed to go inside the students room.
  8. Visitors are allowed only between 1:00pm to 2:00pm on Sunday.
  9. Students should maintain a healthy relationship among students with other and all the employers of the institution.
  10. All student must carry ID cards. The student may be asked to show ID card on demand at any time if required.
  11. If any students is found doing any indiciplinary activity or misconduct the management committee of the institute will take strict disciplinary action.

The management committee will have power to suspend the student temporarily from the institution pending enquiry into her/her conduct in connection with alleged offence.

Schedule of Examination

  1. In all subjects both theory and practical the minimum passing marks shall be 50%.
  2. The duration of theory examinations will be of 3 hours.
  3. The candidate should pass in theory & practical separately unless the failed subject not cleared the candidate cannot be promote for next class.