• The candidate as well as their parents at the time of admission fo the studtns will be required to fill and undertaking that if the students is found including in ragging, the institute may take appropriated action against the student.
  • Ragging in any form is strictly prohibited within the premises of the college, hostel and Hospital or anywhere within the campus or outside campus.
  • Any individual or collective act of practice of ragging constitutes gross indiscipline serious action will be taken under the ordinance.
  • The principal of the college , the head of the department of the authorities appointed by the institution shall take immediate action on any information of the occurrence of ragging.
  • The proctor may also make a report to member of Anti Ragging squad in oral or written and identity of the student involved in ragging incident.
  • The anti Ragging squad shall send a report to Anti Ragging Committee.
  • The Anti Ragging Squad may order or direct any student to be expelled or not to be seated for period to a course, examination or result in which they appear be cancelled.
  • As per Honorable Supreme Court Orders, ragging to be dealt with alertness by the courts on priority basis.